10 November 2013

Fun with Liquid

Continuing on from yesterday. Here are the clips from todays experiment.

This is how my set up looked this time round.

I am pretty pleased with the outcome of this experiment and will be revisiting this again as well as the milk experiment however, I will change some of the variables to get a different outcome. 

I used note books to stop the light from the light box reflecting on the glass of the jar we was using. Next time round I want to experiment with the material of the Jar I use to see if I can get a clear material less reflective.

The white round object is actually from a large lamp shade and it was used to soften the light it was used for. Here I am using it not only for a white background but to bounce light back to lighten up the object. It was very effective. For future experiments I will consider having a green background to key out the background for compositing. 

I spoke with Jess about this over an instant messaging service and she liked the outcome. We both agreed on doing these experiments larger scale to find out what we can get from that.

© Conor Page.
Music: Polaris(Intro) by Hiddeminside