31 October 2013

Updated 3D Model

Updates to initial character design

 Following our conversation the other day I have updated the character to include a shirt and neck-tie.

29 October 2013

Motomichi Nakamura - Tiny People Tribe

Tiny People Tribe by Motomichi Nakamura is an animation made in Flash and After Effects, and projected onto the creators house using a portable projector and recorded on a video camera. This creates an interesting effect that would be achievable with limited equipment.

Although we haven't currently made plans to use projection in our animation this may be something to consider.

Tiny People Tribe from Animate Projects on Vimeo.
The Making of Tiny People Tribe
Making of "Tiny People Tribe" from Motomichi Studio on Vimeo.

Post by Jess

28 October 2013

Sean Vicary - Re-Tolled (2013)

Interesting mixed-media animation by Sean Vicary using found objects, puppets, live-action and digital animation.

I particularly liked the use of different materials in this animation and the combination of photographs with stop-motion animation. This mixed media approach particularly interests me as there is a combination of digital techniques with more traditional techniques, this is the type of route we are currently considering going down.

Post by Jess

Developing initial Ideas

One of the ideas we have been thinking about for the experimental animation module is based around a carnival/parade and influenced by Paprika (2006).

Conor sketched out the above character following our conversation about the idea and I have been modelling the character in Maya. This will give us the opportunity to experiment with working together and transferring paper-based concepts into 3D.

 I was unsure whilst modelling of the type of shirt to give the character. Having discussed this we have decided to base use the following images are reference and create a simplified frill type collar.

 By modelling the characters clothes separately will later be able to experiment with adding dynamics to the material using nMesh.