11 November 2013

Experimenting with Sound and materials

Corn Flour Experiments

Whilst researching experiments involving different materials that we could recreate and film for use in our animation, I have come across some interesting experiments involving corn flour and speakers. When corn flour is mixed with water an interesting consistency is achieved in which the mixture behaves like both a liquid and a solid. This experiment is often carried out for the interest of children, however combining this with colours and other materials and placing the mixture over a speaker could certainly achieve some interesting results. This technique could also be combined with CG to create something unique.

Slow Motion colour in water

Building on the experiments already carried out by Conor this video presents an interesting approach to filming liquids in water in slow motion, the idea of placing coloured gels in front of lights is particularly interesting.

Experimenting with Ferro Fluid

These experiments create a similar effect to that achieved using cornflour. These experiments involve combining printer toner with oil and using a magnet to cause the mixture to react.

Iron Filings

Whilst looking at videos made with iron filings and magnets I came across this video of iron dust appearing to 'dance' in time with music. This looks amazing and it would be very interesting to experiment with this technique.

Post by Jess