4 November 2013

Mixed Media Animation

Having decided that we are going to take a mixed-media approach to our experimental animation I have been looking at animations that take this approach for some inspiration. This will also give us an idea of what kind of juxtapositions will work and which won't.

The concept of layering different materials on top of each other is inspired by the work of Yuri Norstein. His work not only uses a mixture of materials but also employs an alternative narrative, based on human memories and association rather than in chronological order. His work also features symbolism which is an interesting concept to consider when making decisions regarding our animation.

Still from Tale of Tales

Yuri Norstein - Hedgehog in the Fog (1975).

Norstein used a multi-plane layering technique and employed numerous materials for his animation. 

Hedgehog in the Fog - Yuri Norstein (1975) from O.C. on Vimeo.

Paul Rains - And Murder of Crows

And Murder of Crows has a very handmade feel and appears to employ paint as well as possibly pastels or charcoal. The boiling effect is particularly effective and gives the animation an appealing style. A similar approach could be taken to elements of our animation to incorporate a handmade feel.

xdral-vertical-small from Suzie Hanna on Vimeo.
I thought this extract from the work of mixed media animator Suzie Hanna presented a good example of how multiple techniques can be layered together in a single frame of animation. 

Feeling My Way from Jonathan Hodgson on Vimeo.
In Feeling My Way Jonathan Hodgson uses print-outs from live-action, these are drawn over with paint and pencil, and rescanned and edited to create a collage. This is an interesting means of combining two different mediums and a similar effect could possibly be achieved by drawing over CG.

Joanna Preistley uses a mixture of materials and textures as well as abstract characters in this animation.

No Corras Tanto - Cesar Diaz

This animation uses sand and stop-motion on glass. The animation reacts to the music and for this reason may be particularly inspirational for us at this stage of the project. I particularly liked the sections of the animation in which the sand moves with a fluid motion, reacting to the music and providing a canvas for the next piece of animation. The idea of experimenting with different colours of sand may be interesting when combined with digital techniques, influxes of colour could be produced setting a certain mood and could be layered with other animated elements.

Andreas Hykade - Love & Theft

I found it particularly interesting the way the colours in this animation change to suit the pace of the audio. This is particularly relevant to us with the multi-paced track we have chosen. I also really enjoyed the abstraction and metamorphosis of the characters. As we were hoping to incorporate characters into the animation whilst retaining an experimental approach this could be an inspiration to us.

Post by Jess