4 November 2013

Inspirational Steampunk Animations

Christopher Alender - Eye of the Storm (music video for Lovett)

I particularly enjoyed this steampunk animated music video due to the limited detail of the main character and the stylistic manner in which he has been represented with a blackened face. This allows the animation and the action to tell the story without facial expressions. 

The making of Eye of the Storm describes the process used to create the film. The main character has been filmed against a blue screen and certain elements such as his goggles have been painted in bright colours. This allows the colour elements to be keyed out digitally and replaced. CG elements and digital special effects have been added to create the backgrounds and weather elements.

This is a very interesting concept and could be applied to our own experimental animation in a number of ways. The director discusses wanting to create a hybrid between photorealism and illustration, this style would particularly suit a steampunk theme.

A similar style could be achieved using a combination of different techniques from photography, cut-out animation, 2D digital and 3D digital. Certain elements such as the rain could also be created using a multi-plane technique, projecting the digital and animating materials over the top. 

The VFX progression reel is particularly inspiring as it shows the multilayering technique that has been used to create the final image, regardless of the final medium we decide to use this process will be valuable to use.

Post by Jess