7 November 2013

Influential & Inspirational Images

SOLIPSIST from Andrew Thomas Huang on Vimeo.
This short film by Andrew Huang is just amazing. He as been able to combine live action with cg seamlessly. You sit and wonder how he achieved what you see on screen. This has been hugely inspirational. Not just for myself but for Jess as well. 

Taking what we have seen, we could take this effect for texture within our animation. Instead of using sand, which is a material that is used often by this artist, we could use other materials.

Fun with Magic Milk and Food Coloring! (Science Experiment): http://youtu.be/pW-bn9zssak

This is a video that shows how washing-up soap reacts with milk. Searching the internet I have found out that milk contains fatty molecules that distort when bound with the bipolar characteristics of the soap.

you can find out more about this chemical reaction here: http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/lab/experiments/milk-color-explosion

I have also worked as an assistant for student photographer to produce image such as:

<-- These where created by dropping food colouring into water. Simple yet can achieve great results.

Conon Moriarty, the student photographer I was helping said he was inspired by an artist by the name of Ruslan Khasanov.

Conon Moriarty's blog can be found here: http://cononmoriarty.tumblr.com

We wondered why some of the colours we used created this disc like shape in the water. We are not sure entirely but the food dyes we used were natural. This means that each colour was made from a different fruit or vegetable and we believe that the different chemical compounds of the fruit and vegetables used for these specific colours react differently to the water.

Pacific Light from Ruslan Khasanov on Vimeo.

After watching this artists short i can see why Moriarty wanted to experiment himself. I think these were made using the same technique. Maybe introducing soap and oils to separate the colours.

After looking at these videos me and Jess have decided that we would like to experiment with these techniques and use them as layering texture within our animation. 
Once we have experimented with this we will post our results.

Khasanov's website can be found here: http://ruskhasanov.com/8719/1622915/home/pacific-light

Post by Conor