20 November 2013

Fun With Corn Flour and Sound

This is the video I managed to capture from the experiment. Unfortunately, I do not think it is good enough.

  1. The white balance is not correct.
  2. Not enough light (bigger aperture, more lights).
  3. Slow shutter speed.
  4. Would be ideal if we could get a green background.
  5. For better results and stronger speaker/ sub would be needed.
These are all things I am going to adjust in tomorrows experimental session. One of the bulbs blew leaving us with only one light. This left the scene a little dark. I did not want to open the aperture to wide incase of not having the whole scene shape. I also did not want to change ISO because of noise. To lighten the scene I slowed the shutter speed, but this has resulted in very blurry results. because of this, in tomorrows session I will be strict on variables and note down all the numbers being used.

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