1 November 2013

Combining Digital With Physical

Here are some quick sketches with how I think we could combine our 3D animation with physical 2D. They are a kind of Rotoscoping rigs which i could use to experiment with physical materials. I want to be able to free myself from the computer. For true hybrid animation it would be nice to combine old technology with new technology and through experimenting with this find out what outcome we can achieve.

 1. For the above idea I want to be able to take our pre rendered 3D animation and project this onto a frosted plane of glass or plastic. On top of this, another plane of glass/plastic that can be used add materials on. This would then be captured frame by frame.

This could also be flipped horizontally and be used as a multiple plane camera. 

2. For this idea I will use just one plane of glass. I will use this and the projectors light as a sort of Lightbox on which I will then draw over the 3D animation frame by frame, capturing as I go along.

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